Save Brexit in Wimbledon

Stephen Hammond, Conservative recommends voting for the Conservative candidate, Stephen Hammond, on Thursday 12 December

We expect this seat to be a two-way fight between the Conservative candidate and an out-and-out Remainer. To be honest the Conservative candidate has in the past been bit of a Remainiac, but since the alternative would only bring the anti-Brexit Coalition of Chaos closer, we srecommend voting Tory. Like every one of the 635 Conservative candidates, they've pledged to support the Prime Minister's deal in Parliament and get Brexit done. There's no Brexit party candidate standing here, but don't waste your vote and stay home - complacency will only give worse candidates a better chance.

Vote today & spread the word!

Your vote is important. Of course making sure your area elects an MP that will support Brexit, not block it, is the top priority. But even in areas where a Remainer gets elected today, politicians and journalists will be looking to see how many people across the country voted for candidates that support Brexit.

Voters like us rocked British politics in 2016. Let's make our voice heard again today!

There's only a few hours left, so please help us spread the word using the buttons below. And if you know anyone that doesn't use WhatsApp or Facebook, why not just give them a call to remind them.

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